Soul Care


Design & Development


Flutter, Sheety, Swift, Instabug

Soul Care serves you with daily devotions according to your soul score.


You just spent all night taking care of a sick kid, barely slept, now headed to take them to school, and your mind is wandering thinking about all the meetings you have for the rest of the day. You could read a devotional or consume a podcast that could be the thing that gives you that boost to conquer day or you completely disregard it cause its not relatable to your real world.

What if we could connect you to the right devotional at the right time using biofeedback. [Input your paragraph on Soulcare is an app]] This app idea was created from just a 4 minute video that a client sent us.

3 Days

iterations of the app focused on how to display biometric data and devotional content. Days rather than weeks was key to get feedback from our client early and often.

3 Weeks

In our next iteration, our client wanted to explore a watch app. So we pivoted and adapted the wireframes to make a more holistic experience.

Rather than burning time on writing a robust API we decided to use Sheety to create an API that cycles through 81 possible permutations that tie to a Soul Score. This empowered us to explore other visual experiences.

3 Months

We determined to go with the arc version because it looked more clean and seamless. Then we finished the remaining screens..

These guys took a 4 minute video made a biofeedback devotional app that takes 81 permutations from heart rate and meetings in just 6 weeks something I thought would take 12. Fast. Sharp. No BS.
Chris Lema
Chief of Product at Cherith